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Tainted Soul
Hi, all,

I just posted the first chapter of my second published novel on The Petulant Poetess. The book is called Tainted Soul; it's the sequel to Tainted Blood, and both have been published by Dreamspinnerpress. Readers and reviewers can win a free ebook copy!

A lovely day to all of you,

Stolen story on FF.net
Hi, all,

kittylefish informed me today that one of my stories has been stolen and posted to FF.net. I informed FF.net and although they didn't get back to me nor banned the so-called author, they at least took the story down within a few hours. *phew*

In case you want to check if one of your stories has been stolen by the same person, go check here:


Truly, I hate thieves!


Book to win
Hi, all,

just wanted to let you know I posted the first chapter of my novel "Tainted Blood" to The Petulant Poetess. I admit I would be grateful for a few reviews - one thing I really miss with publishing original fiction is the contact to my readers. So if you want, have a look. I raffle two PDF copies of the complete book under all reviewers!

So many thanks in advance,

*yay* Made it to Facebook after much nagging from a friend of mine. I admit it made me a bit uneasy to learn my date will be stored even should I decide to delete my account there, but well, it is a great way to find lost friends and to stay in contact. Feel free to friend me - I'm there under my author's name Sam Leonhard.

Deutsche/deutschsprachige Beta gesucht
Hallo, ihr Lieben,

Zugegeben, normalerweise poste ich hier nicht in meiner Muttersprache. Allerdings bin ich dringend auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Beta. Da ich mich hauptsächlich im Englischsprachigen Raum rumtreibe, sind meine Kontakte in der Richtung praktisch nicht vorhanden...

Ich brauche jemanden, der die deutsche Übersetzung meines in den USA erscheinenden Buches „Tainted Blood“ – zu Deutsch „Blutrune“ – Korrektur liest. Es geht ausschließlich um Ortographie, nicht um Plot oder Charaktere (wobei ich da immer noch gerne Feedback annehme.) Ich möchte das Manuskript in den nächsten ein, zwei Monaten übersetzen und einem deutschen Verlag anbieten; das erste Kapitel kann ich gerne als Leseprobe versenden. In den USA erscheint es Mitte des Jahres.

Sollte eine von euch Lust, Zeit, und den entsprechenden sprachlichen Hintergrund haben, wäre ich sehr für Rückmeldung dankbar: icefire55@googlemail.com

Liebe Grüße und Dank im Voraus,

Male help needed
Hi, all!

Umm, could some of you please consider helping me by asking possible husbands/boyfriends of an opinion concerning two of my stories?

OK, here's the background: I wrote two stories (HG/SS, Rating NC17). They are counterparts, one told from Snape's POV, one from Hermione's POV. They are both posted at TPP, and I get lots of reviews accusing me of having Hermione rape Snape.

That was not my intention ;-)

And although I don't think it's rape and won't warn of rape, either, I really would like to have some male opinions on the matter. As I am in lack of boyfriend/husband I could pester to read the nonsense I come up with, I wonder if someone out there is willing to nudge any males in the family, asking them to read and judge and maybe even to get back to me? Please?

Here are the titles:

Searching For a Book (Snape's POV)
Sleeping Beauty (Hermione's POV)

I'd apreciate your help!

Why do you write?

I do have a reason for the question ;-)

The other day, I was out with my friend, and eventually, I couldn’t help telling her about the original fic I am writing and that I hope to find a publisher for it. I also said that, if I don’t find one (which is the most likely option), I would publish it with my own money, for a few friends, (*cough* Maybe not my family!) and one or two others.


She looked at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads and asked my why I would do such a stupid thing, and I said, I want the damn story to be read, I want feedback, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it.


In reply, she called me an arrogant exhibitionist.


Well. That made me smile, because it is true, and it made me ponder. If the story ends up in my desktop drawer, I won’t bother writing the already planned and outlined sequel. I will solely stick to HP fanfiction, which I love to write, because there, I get reviews. I need feedback. I write for reviews. I want my stories to be read, no matter how silly/bad/cruel/pornographic they are, and now I wonder if you have the same motivation. Do you write for others, or do you write no matter if anyone reads your stuff or not? Someone I know writes 1000-pages-thick historic novels and won’t show them to anyone, not even hubby – I think she’s weird, my friend thinks she’s the true artist who doesn't want nor need feedback.


And therefore, I thought I’d pas the question on: why do you write? What’s your motivation, what triggers your ideas, what makes you happy when it comes to writing?


Feedback is appreciated ;-)


Belated birthday present for shellsnapeluver

A little while back (on March 24, to be precise) it was shellsnapeluver's birthday. All right, I wrote her a mail and congratulated her, only to realise a few days later that that was a quite poor thing to do. She's a very good friend, I love her dearly, and I should have managed to post her present in time...


Sorry, hon, that I didn't!


Naturally, I feel guilty of having neglected my duties as a friend. Hereby, I apologise, and if you click on the link, you will find the story I wrote for her. It's called Bathtub, it's posted on The Petulant Poetess (where else?), and it has been insprired by shells husband. Maybe, you should read it to him, shell *smirk*




Rating: MA (NC17)

Link: http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=13257


Hope you like it - although, it might contain a bit of smut ;-)


Loads of hugs, shell, and a belated Happy Birthday to you!

Fic recs
Hi, all,

I want to recommend some fics, all of them posted at The Petulant Poetess:

The Orchard [MA (NC-17)]
by teshara


In the Staff Room [M (R)]
by kittylefish

and most definitely

Touch the Dark [MA (NC-17)]
by Dreamy_Dragon

All three of them contain (lite) slash, but as I believe there are not enough good slashy stories out there (or threesomes, in Dreamy's case), I thought I'd let you all know that there are some new ones available.

Hugs and have a lovely day,

Long overdue: Thanks to my betas!
I wanted to do this for a while now, but as I had a busy week, I didn't have a chance to get to the computer until today.

Yesterday, I was in Zurich, Switzerland, I'm singing in a choir, and we performed Mozart's Missa in C, a most beautiful, but nevertheless quite complicated piece. Rehearsals were strenuous, to say the least, and my son already asked me if I intend to be home sometime soon again ;-)

Well, concert's over, I am tired as I didn't get to bed before one in the morning, but I wanted to say a huge big Thank you! to my betas, kittylefish and Dreamy_Dragon. Believe me, they earn it!

Dreamy has been with me now since end of 2007; she's read and betaed nearly all my stories, and for that alone she should get a gold medal. In addition, her comments are invaluable for me - she helps me to make my stories better, she became a friend, and I hope she won't kill me for dragging her into focus.

kittylefish - well, I sort of blackmailed her into betaing for me, if I remember correctly ;-) She's got a thing for slash, so do I, and I thought I should ask her if she could help me out with stories no one else would like to beta. Hugs, hon, for not telling me to get lost!

In addition - and this is the main reason for this overly long entry - agreed on helping me with an original fic I've been writing in the past few months.

Today, I've finished it

Dreamy has the first few chapters, and kittylefish will get the rest for a first go in a few minutes time so she can do the real work and correct my many mistakes.

I truly pity both of them ;-)

Now all I have to do is to find an editor. One can dream!

Oh, and just in case I haven't said it often enough (I guess I cannot say it often enough at all!) - Thanks to notsosaintly. As always, she knows why.

Enough babbling for today. I must admit, I'm grinning all over right now, being ridiculously proud of myself. Have a wonderful day, all of you!